Audition Notices

Playmasters’ Playhouse is pleased to announce that they are holding auditions for Plaza Suite at 7 PM on Tuesday, September 20th, and Wednesday, September 21st at the theater.

Plaza Suite

By Neil Simon

Neil Simon’s three-act comedy portrays three couples staying at the Plaza Hotel: a suburban couple celebrating their wedding anniversary; a Hollywood producer meeting his now-married high school girlfriend; and a couple dealing with their daughter who locked herself inside the bathroom on her wedding day.

The show runs November 25th through December 11th.

Auditions are cold readings from the script.

Rehearsal schedule TBD, depending on cast availability. We’ll rehearse the acts on an alternating schedule. Smaller roles are not required to attend early rehearsals.

Directed by: Deb Lewis

All cast and crew members must provide proof of vaccination against Covid-19. 

Act 1 - Visitors from Mamaroneck:
🎭 Karen Nash – 45-50 yrs old. Pleasant, witty, and down-to-earth housewife with a wry sense of humor who carries the anxiety of a woman who suspects her husband may be cheating. She is okay looking middle-aged and is hoping the stay at the Plaza will bring them closer together.

🎭 Sam Nash – 50 but not accepting his age. He is a trim, fit, well-tailored workaholic. He’s witty, appears preoccupied with business, and is a little abrupt with Karen, but somehow likable.

Act 2 - Visitor from Hollywood:
🎭 Jesse Kiplinger late 30’s, early 40s. Confident, successful Hollywood producer. He’s a self-assured and charismatic man on the prowl. He has invited his ex-girlfriend to his room to seduce her.

🎭 Muriel Tate – mid-late 30s. Jesse’s high school girlfriend now a wife and mother. She’s warm, easy-smiling attractive woman who seems naïve and vulnerable. She’s very impressed with Jesse though nervous and unsure of meeting with him.

Act 3 - Visitor from Forest Hills:
🎭 Norma Hubley – 40-50s. She is very frantic and clearly in over her head but tries to appear calm in a crisis. She’s traditional, raw, and real and tries to keep her husband in control while taking a stand for herself.

🎭 Roy Hubley – 50ish. Abrupt, volatile, equipped to handle the business world but is out of his element when dealing with his daughter’s wedding. He feels like he’s the only sane person in the room.

Smaller Roles To Double Cast:
🎭 Jean McCormack & Mimsey Hubley – late 20s - early 30s. Jean is in Act 1 and is Sam’s highly efficient secretary. Well-groomed, attractive, bright, and cheerful. Mimsey is the nervous bride. Lovely, sweet; enters in the end of Act 3 with 1 line.

🎭 Bellhop & Borden Eisler – late 20s – early 30s. Bellhop is in Act 1; eager to please. Borden is cool, confident groom in Act 3 with 1 commanding line.

🎭 Waiter – any age/gender – appears in acts 1 and 2.